Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need my whole house cleaned out to prepare it for sale?

Gulf Coast Trader is a Consignment Concierge.  We can do it all.  We will arrange for everything to be removed and the house will be deep cleaned.  

How long does it take?

Usually, we need a month to complete a whole house clean-out.  Small items for consignment will be taken immediately. Larger items for consignment or donation will be removed within three weeks.  

I only have a few items for consignment. Will you take them?

With Gulf Coast Trader, no job is too small or too big.  We will consign just a few items or a whole house full.

I'm a Realtor with clients who are downsizing. How can you help?

We coordinate the entire team of professional consignment sellers, stagers, remodelers, movers, home improvement services, non-profit donations, junk removal and cleaning services.

What is the cost of the consignment concierge service?

Very competitive consignment rates.  You pay nothing up-front, except for the cost of packing and transporting your large items. Small items for consignment and all donated items are packed and transported free of charge.                                                                    

What if my consignment items do not sell?

Large consignment items may be donated or picked up if they have not sold within 45 days.  Small consignment items remain for sale for 120 days.  There is no consignment charge for items that do not sell.

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